[Haskell-beginners] How to structure your Haskell installation?

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Tue Mar 22 13:31:44 CET 2011


I'm installing the Haskell Platform om my Linux box and need some tips on
how to structure the files on the OS. I need to install and use both GHC
6.12.3 and GHC 7.0.2. Hence I want to separate these installations. I've
setup two directories, one for each platform (related to the GHC):

# ls -d -1 $PWD/*.*

I've installed GHC-6.12.3 in "2010.2.0.0" and will install GHC-7.0.2 in

My question is more related to where I should install the packages. When I
install a package using "runhaskell Setup ..." I assumed this to ONLY be
installed for the version of GHC I'm using when installing it. Am I right
about this?

Having $PATH pointing to GHC-6.12.3 I've done this when installing packages,
to add them to "2010.2.0.0":
- - - - - - -
cd /usr/src
tar xzf transformers-
cd transformers-
runhaskell Setup configure --prefix=/usr/haskell/2010.2.0.0/
runhaskell Setup build
runhaskell Setup install
- - - - - - -

Later when I switch to GHC-7.0.2 I plan to install the packages into the
"2011.2.0.0" directory in stead.

Is this a good way to structure several Haskell installations on the same
system? Is there a "best practice" on how to structure the files? I want to
get this right from the start, to avoid having to go back and re-arrange

Frode K

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