[Haskell-beginners] book question

Sean Charles sean at objitsu.com
Wed Jun 29 12:10:54 CEST 2011

RWH is the first haskell book I bought after deciding that reading pages 
on a browser wasn't doing it for me... I bought it eight months ago and 
to be honest, it looks like I've owned it for years... it takes you from 
beginner level, and I have to say that it does a very good job at 
guiding you through the type system and onto IO, monads, parsec, the works.

Some of the projects in the book are just awesome, not only in their 
execution but in the step-by-step explanation, for example the bar code 
reading and unix pipes projects are really well done. Kudos to RWH for that.

Having learned Erlang and LISP did give me some advantages in that the 
concepts of higher order functions and pattern matching were already 
under my belt, along with guard clauses etc.

If I could say one thing so far to beginners to haskell it would be two 
   * learn to "read" type signatures
   * learn to "decipher" the type related error messages

Everything else just comes naturally after practice.
And more practice.
A famous author once said "You get good at writing by reading, and 
writing lots."


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