[Haskell-beginners] Still wrestling with lazy IO

Raphael Päbst raphael.paebst at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 18 20:01:17 CEST 2011

Hey everyone!
Sorry for asking more or less the same question again, but I'm still
stuck wrestling with lazy IO.
What I'm trying to do is the following:

sending a Bytestring to a server, via TCP
Do stuff with the Bytestring that results in another Bytestring
Send that new Bytestring back to the original client.

At the moment this all happens inside an IO handle and doesn't work.
The stuff on the server side only gets executed, once the handle is
closed on the client's side and therefore the response is lost

It's a very simple program otherwise and so I don't want to get too
much into iteratees, iterators and that stuff, since it feels like

Is there a way to get this working in the way I'm currently trying?
Or can I do this in a strict way?

Thanks again


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