[Haskell-beginners] Profiling install error

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 11 12:20:47 CEST 2011

On Saturday 11 June 2011, 03:43:43, blackcat at pro-ns.net wrote:
>  I'm trying to install the profiling version of the base libraries on
>  Fedora 15.  I set the profiling options in ~/.cabal/config then tried
> to reinstall but I get
>  %cabal install base --reinstall
>  Resolving dependencies...
>  cabal: internal error: impossible
>  Is there anything I can do now?

You can't reinstall base, it's wired into the compiler.

Never, *never* (unless you know exactly what you're doing and why it would 
work in your special circumstances) try to upgrade or reinstall boot libs 
(libraries needed for building the compiler, base, containers, array, 
directory, process, time, ghc-prim, integer-gmp/integer-simple, a couple 
more), that is almost guaranteed to break your installation very soon.

Now, what you can do depends on how you got your GHC.

If you got it via your system's package manager (yum, apt, zypper, or 
whatever Fedora uses), there ought to be a profiling package available for 
that, typically it would be named mumble-ghc-prof[iling]-jumble.
That should have been built to work with the system GHC, install that.

If you got your GHC from the ghc-site as a binary bundle, that should 
already include the profiling libraries, if not, that's probably a bug, 
report it (and to get the profiling libraries, you can build from source as 
an immediate measure).

If you built GHC from source, the profiling libraries are by default also 
built, so to not have them, you must have told ghc not to build them in 
mk/build.mk, edit your desired build flavour to include
GhcLibWays += -p
[no guarantee for capitalisation, look it up in mk/build.mk.sample]
and rebuild.

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