[Haskell-beginners] Installing HDBC

JETkoten jetkoten at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 00:09:54 CET 2011

On 2/1/11 5:00 PM, Kathleen Lynch wrote:
> ...I put it in my PATH [C:\users\user] and put the file Sqlite3 in 
> that folder [C:\users\user] where I'm running Cabal and extended the 
> Cabal command as follows - nothing helps...
>    cabal install HDBC-sqlite3 --extra-include-dirs=C:\Users\User 
> --extra-lib-dirs=C:\Users\User
> ...At this point, I'm unable to install Sqlite3 and GTK...
> ...I know this is 'open source' but it really shouldn't be this hard 
> to do these installations...
> ...I'll go back to my Monads and see if I can figure them out and then 
> take a look at F# - I might have better luck there...
> Bye
Any progress on your Mac efforts? In OS X, once you've installed Xcode 
and the (*very important*) Unix Development Support part of it, it's as 
easy as:

sudo port install sqlite

...if you've also installed Macports, or "port", which is the 
cabal-install of the Mac world.

You just run that command in the Terminal command line app (found in 
Applications/Utilities) and it automatically puts the app or lib that 
you've requested in your path, because macports adds itself and its /opt 
directory to your path when you install it.

You'll probably find it a lot easier to add things and have cabal be 
able to find them, and it'll be a bit easier for others to help too, 
because OS X is *nix-y.

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