[Haskell-beginners] mSys and shadowing packages

Kees Bleijenberg k.bleijenberg at inter.nl.net
Thu Apr 28 14:25:04 CEST 2011

After a lot of struggling I finally managed to install the packages network
and ftpsh on a Windows machine. After installing msys and adjusting the path
for mingW, the command "cabal install network" finally worked. At least I
thought it was. But when I put "import Network.FTP.Client" in myprogram.hs,
GHC can't find the package. After a while I found how to get more info: ghc
--make -v myprogram.hs -package ftphs. There was a long list of warnings,
missing packages, wrong versionnumbers... arghh...
Ghc also complained about shadowed packages. i.e. When I do: ghc-dpg list, I
get 2 versions of Win32- They have equal version numbers but the
package-id's are different. One package is stored in \program files\Haskell
Platform/2010.2.0.0/lib/package.conf.d and the other is stored at
\Docs&Settings\Kees\Application Data\ghc\i386-mingw32-6.12.3\package.conf.d
The packages from Docs&Settings map were creates using msys. The other were
create before installing network, ftpsh etc (normal cmd command line).
I wonder whether the 2 directories are okay and if not, how do I change the
cabal-directory for msys/mingw?
As a beginner I love the language. Using Haskell as a platform (at least for
Win32 development) with all it's version dependencies is in my opinion
difficult (compared to   Java, C#, Delphi).
Can somebody help?
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