[Haskell-beginners] database question

Gaius Hammond gaius at gaius.org.uk
Sat Sep 18 16:30:46 EDT 2010

On 18 Sep 2010, at 21:03, Daniel Fischer wrote:

>> Why does it think that that is the final expression of the function?
> It doesn't, but you said the do-expression had type
> ReaderT Connection (WriterT [String] m) ()
> while
> quickQuery :: IConnection conn =>
>                      conn -> String -> [SqlValue] -> IO [[SqlValue]]
> The types don't match, hence the error. But you have a MonadIO  
> constraint,
> so
>    rs <- liftIO $ quickQuery ...
> should fix it.

Aha! It does indeed, thanks :-)

I had assumed that with the rs <- quickQuery I was getting the  
[[SqlValue]] "out" of the IO Monad - but I have to lift it into the IO  
Monad first, since I am in a monadic context? This would be the non- 
monadic version

module Main where

import Database.HDBC
import Database.HDBC.Sqlite3

main:: IO ()
main = do lda <- connectSqlite3 "test.db"
           rs <- quickQuery lda "select datetime ('now')" []

           mapM_ putStrLn (map convRow rs)
             where convRow [x] = (fromSql x)::String

-- EOF

Oh, but I am already in the IO monad there aren't I.... And doQuery  
*isn't* but I have declared that it *should be* (e.g. an instance of  
typeclass MonadIO). Is that accurate?

>> Any advice greatly appreciated. I have been struggling with this  
>> since
>> lunchtime!
> Hopefully it didn't stop you from eating.

Nothing could do that :-)



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