[Haskell-beginners] Selecting Arguments in Function to Feed Map

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Mon Sep 13 09:16:36 EDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 14:03, Lorenzo Isella <lorenzo.isella at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Suppose you have the function
> f x y z = x*y +z
> and that you want to iterate it on a list
> z=[1,2,3,4], with
> x=4 and y=3
> then you would do the following
> map (f x y) z.
> Now consider the case in which the list is given by y e.g.
> y=[1,2,3,4], with
> x=4 and z=3.
> How can you iterate f on y (i.e. its second argument) while keeping x and y
> fixed?

Using a lambda expression (anonymous function) or through clever use of flip.


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