[Haskell-beginners] [OT] To Mock A Mockingbird

Patrick LeBoutillier patrick.leboutillier at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 07:57:14 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I've been reading the book "To Mock A Mockingbird" by Robert Smullyan
recently and I don't get the part about the birds at all. I think I
understand that a bird is a function, but what would it's type be in

It says that birds hear a call and answer by another call, so I
thought String -> String or something like that. But if you have a
mockingbird that can answer what a bird would answer to itself, that
means that it's input must contain the other bird... Do all the birds
have the same type?



Patrick LeBoutillier
Rosemère, Québec, Canada

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