[Haskell-beginners] SMTPClient + hsemail-1.6 = errors

Sergey Mironov ierton at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 19:34:14 EDT 2010

I was trying to install  SMTPClient-1.0.1

Compiler reported me:

ierton at vault SMTPClient-1.0.1 % cabal build
Preprocessing library SMTPClient-1.0.1...
Building SMTPClient-1.0.1...
[1 of 2] Compiling Network.SMTP.ClientSession (
Network/SMTP/ClientSession.hs, dist/build/Network/SMTP/ClientSession.o

    Not in scope: data constructor `Message'

    Not in scope: data constructor `Message'

I've made some digging: Seems that newest version of 'hsemail' (1.6)
breaks backward compatibility (SMTPClient depends on it)

My questions:
1) Where should i send bugreport to?
There are no emails on http://hackage.haskell.org/package/SMTPClient
so i don't know how to contact maintainers.

2) How to fallback hsemail?
i tried:

ierton at vault ~ % cabal install hsemail-1.3  #  good, i suppose
ierton at vault ~ % ghc-pkg hide hsemail-1.6 # Bad one
ierton at vault ~ % caball install -v SMTPClient
... bla-bla ...
selecting hsemail-1.6 (installed or hackage) and discarding hsemail-1.0, 1.1,
1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5

Looks like hiding a package is not a case for me.


I am using ghc-6.12


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