[Haskell-beginners] Simple IO problem

Deniz Dogan deniz.a.m.dogan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 13:13:12 EST 2010

2010/3/4 Ali Razavi <ali.razavi at gmail.com>:
> Why doesn't this work the way it's supposed to, or the way it's intuitively
> apparent from the code, that is, showing the prompt first, getting the line
> next, and printing the result finally?
> main = do
>         putStr "Please Enter Your Name: "
>         name <- getLine
>         putStrLn ("Hello " ++ name)
> changing putStr with putStrLn rectifies it to the expected behavior, but I
> wonder why this version misbehaves. FWIW, I use ghc in cygwin.
> Ali

FWIW using GHCi in standard Windows Vista, this works like it should.

Deniz Dogan

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