[Haskell-beginners] Cabal modules and directories

Rehno Lindeque errantkid at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 13:57:13 EST 2010

I'm sorry because this is a very elementary question but despite my attempts
I can't seem to get cabal working for my project structure.

I have two main source directories:

Inside src\haskell I have main.hs with the module Main.
Inside src\semanticdb I have semanticdb.hs with module OSIX.SemanticDB

My cabal file contains the following 3 lines:
  main-is: main.hs
  hs-source-dirs: src/haskell src/semanticdb
  other-modules: OSIX.SemanticDB

Then when I build with 'cabal build' I get the following error:
  cabal: can't find source for OSIX.SemanticDB in src/haskell,
src/semanticdb, dist/build/autogen

cabal --version gives:
  cabal-install version 0.6.4
  using version of the Cabal library

I'd prefer to keep my directory structure as is if possible, but it doesn't
seem to be working for me... Is there anything I can do or should I just
restructure the directories?
(NOTE: I'm using leksah as my IDE, so the cabal file is mostly generated

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