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I would do (no that concise):

toMaybe :: Music_Data_ -> (Maybe Note, Maybe Direction, Maybe Sound)
toMaybe (Music_Data_1 n) = (Just n, Nothing, Nothing)
toMaybe (Music_Data_4 d) = (Nothing, Just d, Nothing)
toMaybe (Music_Data_9 s) = (Nothing, Nothing, Just s)

catMaybes3 (a,b,c) = (catMaybes a, catMaybes b, catMaybes c)

sortOutMusicData :: [Music_Data_] -> ([Note],[Direction],[Sound])
sortOutMusicData = catMaybes3 . unzip3 . map toMaybe


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Can I get a suggestion for a concise way to write 'sortOutMusicData' as
described here? This is MusicXML-related.

data Music_Data_ = Music_Data_1 Note
                  | Music_Data_4 Direction
                  | Music_Data_9 Sound

sortOutMusicData :: [Music_Data_] -> ([Note],[Direction],[Sound])

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