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Luca Ciciriello luca_ciciriello at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 07:28:36 EDT 2010

Hi All.

I've two question about Data Parallel Haskell. 

I'm trying some experiment using DPH and I've wrote a little program using the functions lengthP and mapP. I've imported the module GHC.PArr and I've informed the compiler that I want to use some language extension using the line {-# LANGUAGE PArr #-}. All works fine. Looking around I've saw that some code examples use {-# LANGUAGE PArr, ParallelListComp #-} instead. 


The my first question is: Which is the difference in using or not the extension ParallelListComp? Seems that my program works fine with or without this extension (if I omit the extension PArr I've some compilation errors).


The second question is: Have I to use the option -threaded when compile my program?


I'm using Haskell Platform (GHC 6.12.1) on MacOS X 10.6.3


Thanks in advance for any answer.




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