[Haskell-beginners] Re: Haskell, Ray Tracing, Parallel Computation

Jon Harrop jon at ffconsultancy.com
Fri Jan 15 19:00:26 EST 2010

On Friday 15 January 2010 18:13:17 Christian Maeder wrote:
> If you still see an older version (of the Cabal library) you may need to
> bootstrap cabal-install-0.8.0 and manually install parsec- and
> network (i.e. version before (as described above for AC-Vector).

Ok, I finally managed to get everything working this way. Turns out the cabal 
update wasn't even attempting to use the latest version. Once I'd 
bootstrapped the latest cabal-install I had to tell it to install for a 
specific version of GHC using the -w flag. Now I've got GHC 6.12.1 up and 


Dr Jon Harrop, Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.

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