[Haskell-beginners] Trivial function of type (a -> b) -> Maybe a -> Maybe b

Eugen Zagorodniy e.zagorodniy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 09:44:26 EST 2010


I looked at documentation of Maybe type and suprisingly found no
function like

maybize             :: (a -> b) -> Maybe a -> Maybe b
maybize f Nothing   =  Nothing
maybize f (Just x)  =  Just (f x)

I believe there should be a good reason for absence of such function,

1) there is an idiomatic way (probably utilizing higher level
abstractions) of doing the same what 'maybize' does,
2) no one really needs it... except me,
3) ?..

Did I miss something? (It is rather about curiosity than a real problem

Thanks in advance for any comments!

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