[Haskell-beginners] Critique my program

David Frey dpfrey at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 10 14:44:38 EST 2010

A couple of months ago, I was tutoring my cousin in an introductory computer 
science class.  We talked about his assignment in which he had to implement a 
subset of the Battleship board game using Java.

I decided it would be fun for me to try to complete the assignment in Haskell.  
I forgot about the project for a while, but I picked it up and finished it 

I have put the code on BitBucket (a Mercurial based code hosting site for 
those who don't know) at this location: http://bitbucket.org/dfrey/battleship/

I am hoping that some people from this list could review my code.  I'm not 
very concerned with correctness.  I'm more interested in how my code can be 
clarified through use of existing functions or standard Haskell idioms.

If you don't have Mercurial installed or don't want to clone the repository, 
you can browse the source here:

The original PDF from my cousin's assignment can be viewed here:

Feel free to submit your comments in any format.  Patches, written comments, 
complete re-writes of the program, etc. are all welcome.

David Frey

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