[Haskell-beginners] ffi woes

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz jao at gnu.org
Thu Feb 18 20:13:11 EST 2010


Show below is a short program using the FFI to access libiw and provide,
given an interface name such as "wlan0" the associated ESSID. One uses
iw_get_basic_config to fill a struct wireless_config (dynamically
allocated), and extract from that the desired string, which is a field
of type char[MAX_ESSID_LEN] in said struct type.

When i run this program (or call getWirelessInfo inside ghci) with an
existing network interface, it segfaults (calling it with a non-existent
one returns the expected empty string, so the problem is after the first
'if' in getWirelessInfo): can anybody spot what am i doing wrong? Or
perhaps give me any hint on how to debug the issue?


{-# LANGUAGE CPP, ForeignFunctionInterface #-}

module Main (main) where

import System.Environment
import Foreign
import Foreign.C.Types
import Foreign.C.String

#include <iwlib.h>

foreign import ccall "iwlib.h iw_sockets_open"
  c_iw_open :: IO CInt

foreign import ccall "unistd.h close"
  c_iw_close :: CInt -> IO ()

-- the 3rd argument is a struct wireless_config*, an input parameter
foreign import ccall "iwlib.h iw_get_basic_config"
  c_iw_basic_config :: CInt -> CString -> Ptr () -> IO CInt

-- Given a network interface name, return its ESSID
getWirelessInfo :: String -> IO String
getWirelessInfo iface =
  allocaBytes (#size struct wireless_config) $ \wc ->
  withCString iface $ \istr -> do
    i <- c_iw_open
    r <- c_iw_basic_config i istr wc
    c_iw_close i
    if (r < 0)
      then return ""
      else do hase <- (#peek struct wireless_config, has_essid) wc :: IO CInt
              eon <- (#peek struct wireless_config, essid_on) wc :: IO CInt
              if hase > 0 && eon > 0
                then do l <- (#peek struct wireless_config, essid_len) wc
                        e <- (#peek struct wireless_config, essid) wc
                        -- wireless_config.essid is a char[MAX_LEN]
                        peekCStringLen (e, fromIntegral (l :: CInt))
                else return ""

main = (fmap head getArgs) >>= getWirelessInfo >>= print

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