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Hi Lakshmi,
I've had two attempts at getting it going, the first I didn't get very far beforedeciding to give other, more up to date, linuxes a go, but had little luck onthat front. Next time around I got further but ran out of time. The problem isthat I want to spend my time writing software (and I have a windows systemup and running) not trying to fight to get the system working. I really didn'tthink it would be too much to ask that a simple install script would exist,or at least a HowTo for one of the more popular linuxes (RedHat).
I will have another look at it this weekend and see how far I get. If I manageto succeed I will document the process and post it to the wiki. Haskell seemsto be a great language and there are lots of helpful people in the communitywho are willing to help newbies like myself get off the ground, but when the'system' fights back as much as it does I'm not surprised that not many peopleuse haskell, it's just easier to use something else.
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Hi Adrian,

Were you able to get the installation of Leksah done ? I haven't tried installing leksah from cabal in centos myself but it would be good to know whether it is possible to get leksah built without having to upgrade gtk and glib in Centos 5.4. In that case, we might be able to use some rpms from fedora haskell platform.

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Hi Adrian

Is Centos close enough to RedHat to use Fedora packages?

The Haskell-Platform seemingly is available as a package:


Leksah has a fairly large set of dependencies so installing it might

take some work - particularly where it depends on packages outside the

Haskell Plaform (GTK, etc...) you might well want versions from

Hackage rather than ones prepackaged for Fedora. It might be worth

asking on the Fedora-Haskell-devel mailing list for better advice.

Best wishes



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