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Sun Aug 15 13:52:26 EDT 2010

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010 16:43:09 +0200
Ertugrul Soeylemez <es at ertes.de> wrote:

> I'm not sure whether you are reading our posts, but we have
> explained in detail the difference.  Once understood, you won't get
> errors like that anymore.
> As a well meant suggestion, you have to actually read the answers to
> your posts, even if they are long.

believe me i read the posts (more than a few times) - especially yours
in fact and am very appreciative. however, it takes me a while to
understand what's going on - even to connect similar ideas together. i
certainly don't mind long posts either, but i am still having
difficulties putting the ideas together. i tend to be a bit slow anyway
and keep thinking in python terms.

i intend to respond once i understand the ideas better. for instance,
what you wrote here made sense to me:

  let readBlahTxt = readFile "blah.txt"
  content <- readBlahTxt

This should show the difference more clearly.

however, i still can't quite connect it to the idea of what it has to
do with getting monad data out of a monad and into the pure realm.
late last night, though, i was able to do so, but it took while.

> Posting essentially the same questions over and over gets you nowhere.
agreed and i apologize. my problem is that i don't even see that it is
the same question. as you have pointed out once before, "You're still
thinking way too complicated."

i think what happens is i keep trying different things over and over
again. that affects my thinking no doubt. i should likely think more
and try less.

> A monad is just a way to combine computations.
this wasn't clear to me till now even though i had read your continuing
exchange with kyle and the example both of you were discussing
regarding >>= (and i had read up on the operator and even tried it).

> I don't like to mention my own one
i would very much like to see yours.

> I agree with Brent
i think brent's delightful blog post describes my present dilemmas ...
except i haven't quite gotten to the point of being able to say "monads
are burritos" ... so i think there is likely still hope for me. ;)

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