[Haskell-beginners] Parsec

C Gosch ch.gosch at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 5 17:42:32 EDT 2010

does anyone here know their way around in Parsec?
I'm trying to parse a file which contains some binary parts too.
I have been using Parsec 3.0.1 to parse the first ASCII part, but all the
parsers are
returning Char type tokens, so it would not work with the binary parts ..
is there any way to do this?
I am using Text.Parsec.ByteString.Lazy.

Note that I'm new to Haskell and Parsec, and doing this within a small
project that
I basically do to get a grip on Haskell (and Parsec, because it appears to
be really nifty and I want to learn more about it).

Thanks for any hints,
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