[Haskell-beginners] Error Handling and case statements

iæfai iaefai at me.com
Sun Nov 1 23:57:41 EST 2009

I have been trying to work out a problem for the last few hours with  
little success.

In the following code, using ConfigFile, I obtain the results of the  
configuration file, but in the main function I am trying to get the  
Config type out of the case statement. I need to be able to generate  
that error, but it means the two branches of the case are not the same  

I am not particularly attached to this direction, I am quite willing  
to do any way that works. I might be adding more configuration in the  

Any ideas?

import Network.Shed.Httpd
import Network.URI

import Data.Either
import Data.ConfigFile as C

import Control.Monad.Error
import Control.Applicative

import ChessBoard

data Config = Config { documentRoot :: String } deriving (Read, Show)

main :: IO ()
main = do
     opt <- getConf "./config"
     config <- case opt of
         Left (_, err) -> ioError (userError err)
         Right (config) ->  config

     docPath <- documentRoot config
     putStrLn "Starting up httpd."
     server <- initServer 6666 request
     return ()
request :: Request -> IO Response
request req = do
     putStrLn $ "Recieved " ++ (show $ uriPath $ reqURI req)
     return $ Response 404 [] "Not found."

-- Mostly from Chris Done's Blog
getConf :: FilePath -> IO (Either (C.CPErrorData, String) Config)
getConf filePath = runErrorT $ do
	let cp = C.emptyCP { optionxform = id }
	contents <- liftIO $ readFile filePath
	config <- C.readstring cp contents
	let get = C.get config "DEFAULT"
	Config <$> get "Document-Root"

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