[Haskell-beginners] how to print a floating-point number?

Sergei Winitzki winitzki at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 11:45:09 EST 2009

Subject: how to print a floating-point number?

I am very new to Haskell. I am trying to benchmark the CPU time needed
for a computation, and I can't figure out how to print a
floating-point number.

My code is as follows, and I expected it to work:

import System.CPUTime
main = do
       let result = some_computation
       print result
       time <- getCPUTime          -- this is an Integer that needs
to be divided by 1e12 to get time in seconds
       print (time / 1.0e12)           -- I want this to print a
floating-point number

But this does not compile.
Error message:    No instance for (Fractional Integer)
     arising from use of `/' at fact1.hs:18:15-28
   Possible fix: add an instance declaration for (Fractional Integer)
   In the first argument of `print', namely `(time1 / 1.0e12)'

 I thought this should work because e.g. 12 / 7 evaluates to
1.7142857142857142 in ghci.
I understand this is some problem with types, but surely it is fixed
not by adding any instance declarations but perhaps by using some
Prelude or Numeric function. But which one?
 I tried everything I could find in the documentation: showFloat,
adding ::Float everywhere, adding fromIntegral, etc.etc. - nothing
works. All the books and the tutorials I looked at seem to discuss at
length such nice things as Fibonacci numbers and recursive factorial
functions rather than a practical problem like this.

help will be much appreciated!


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