[Haskell-beginners] What about scratch pad for each library

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sun Dec 13 08:47:10 EST 2009

You can read about the complete proposal here:

Benefits: If something doesn't work for you should contact the author/
maintainer or the mailinglist. But if you find a workaround you can put
it online immediately. You should remove it again after having
discussed the issue with maintainers. However they may be on holidays..

So if you've had minor trouble getting started with a package
and if you think that some small examples would have helped you in the
past you should register at the haskellwiki and write about your
experiences so that I get a understanding of whether this idea
improves your experience or makes it worse.

Of course not all wiki pages will be maintained. So it's very likely
that you find outdated information. But I personally think that one tip
is worth 10 outdated wiki pages or such (?)

Additionally are you interested in helping removing outdated content when you
find such ?

You'll find a link to the haskell-cafe mailinglist thread on the wiki
page as well.

Hopefully most wiki pages are empty or contain links to the project
pages only because there are no issues and you understand everything
immediately :)

Thank you for your feedback
Marc Weber

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