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Sat Aug 1 23:50:53 EDT 2009

FYI, I tried out leksah and it has a lot of promise but isn't yet at the
point and click install and run level that something like eclipse is. To
start with I'm pretty sure you can't download a pre-compiled binary for any
platform so before you can even use it you need to already have haskell and
the usual support utilities installed. It does have a build script that
should take care of actually assembling everything into a running
application but for windows users it's not going to be a simple process to
get all the pieces installed and running that you need to get it to build
(in my case I'm running XP 64 bit which apparently does not play nice with
the wxHaskell library as as soon as I mouse over any wxWidget objects it
crashes with a seg fault), although for an semi-experience linux user the
process should be relatively straightforward if a bit time consuming (in
fact most of the pre-reqs should already be installed). As for the actual
IDE itself once you finally get it installed it's not bad although being a
relative newbie to Haskell I probably don't appreciate fully all that it
offers. As others have said on here you'll probably get a bit more mileage
out of the pure GHCi environment as a newbie and then once you're
comfortable with that and ready for something a bit more powerful you can
pick up leksah (and hopefully it will be that much more polished at that
point as well). Some other tools to look at would be HLint (
http://community.haskell.org/~ndm/hlint/) and HaRe (
http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/projects/refactor-fp/hare.html). A note on HaRe,
it's still pretty new itself and I can't speak to it's actual quality
because I haven't used it myself yet.

Having used GHC and the various other Haskell utilities on both a Linux
(Ubuntu) and Windows (XP Pro 64 bit) system, it's definitely more
straightforward on Linux (but what in the programming world isn't?) but at
least as far as the core of GHC is concerned it's not too bad on Windows.
With GHCi you can setup an external editor (I'm partial to notepad++ in
windows) to be launched from inside GHCi so you can have a pretty standard
process where you fire up GHCi, load your file, and then call the edit
command which will launch your configured editor, you can make your changes,
save, and then have GHCi reload the updated file. You have essentially a
full development environment in two windows, although it's a bit awkward
swapping back and forth between GHCi to test and evaluate code and the
editor to essentially persist it.

On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 10:14 PM, ..: NicolafF :.. <nicolaff at gmail.com>wrote:

> i'm using http://leksah.org/
> El sáb, 01-08-2009 a las 21:08 -0500, Matt f escribió:
> > Hey... I'm new to Haskell, been working in Java for 5 months and have
> > decided to move up. Haskell is very much different than what I'm use
> > to and I'm wondering if there is a all-in-one package I can download
> > and just press install to get everything needed for Haskell. Something
> > that includes compilers, libraries, wxHaskell, OpenGl for Haskell,
> > ect... Like how Visual basic or Netbeans are.
> >
> >
> > A few more questions:
> > Is there an IDE?
> > If not, is there some program that will open Haskell files, edit them,
> > and be able to run them without any Terminal usage?
> > Is there an official forum for Haskell?
> >
> >
> > If Haskell had individual platform install packages installing
> > everything needed for Haskell without any hassle with a beginner
> > friendly forum and website, it'd become probably as popular as Java or
> > Vb.net. Is anything like this planned?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> > -Matt
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