[Haskell-beginners] All-in-one package?

Matt f gandolfmatt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 22:08:54 EDT 2009

Hey... I'm new to Haskell, been working in Java for 5 months and have
decided to move up. Haskell is very much different than what I'm use to and
I'm wondering if there is a all-in-one package I can download and just press
install to get everything needed for Haskell. Something that includes
compilers, libraries, wxHaskell, OpenGl for Haskell, ect... Like how Visual
basic or Netbeans are.
A few more questions:
Is there an IDE?
If not, is there some program that will open Haskell files, edit them, and
be able to run them without any Terminal usage?
Is there an official forum for Haskell?

If Haskell had individual platform install packages installing everything
needed for Haskell without any hassle with a beginner friendly forum and
website, it'd become probably as popular as Java or Vb.net. Is anything like
this planned?

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