[Haskell-beginners] Sequence for functors that are not applicative?

Heinrich Apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Mon Apr 27 13:34:33 EDT 2009


I would like to write a function

    convert :: [(Name, [(Time, Chord)])] -> [(Time, [(Name, Chord)])]

which transposes a finite map  [(Name,b)]  of event lists  [(Time,a)]
into an event list of finite maps.

Sterling remarked that this looks very much like a job for  sequence ,
but since event lists are not even applicative functors, I wonder
whether an abstraction with less requirements can be found. Below is a
first try.

Heinrich Apfelmus wrote:
> Sterling Clover wrote:
>> Maybe just bikeshedding here (and on -beginners, no less), but this
>> seems like a job for Data.Traversable.sequence?
>> sequence :: Monad m => t (m a) -> m (t a)
> Great idea!
> My type signature is wrong, it should actually read
>    convert :: [Named [Timed Chord]] -> [Timed [Named Chord]]
> I'm not sure whether  sequence  applies directly,
>    type EventList a = [Timed a]
> is not a monad. It's not quite an applicative functor either, because in
>    (<*>) :: EventList (a -> b) -> EventList a -> EventList b
> it's not clear what should happen to events from the left and right list
> that are not simultaneous. This needs further thought.

It appears that

    type EventList a = [(Time, a)]   -- ascending times

is not an applicative functor, but only a "monoid preserving functor"

    instance Monoid a => Monoid (EventList a) where
       mempty        = []
       mappend xs ys = map mconcat
                     . groupBy ((==) `on` fst)
                     . sortBy (comparing fst) (xs ++ ys)

The same is true for

    type Group     a = [(Name, a)]

    instance Monoid a => Monoid (Group a) where ...

Put differently, we have two functions

    unionWith :: (a -> a -> a)
                  -> EventList a -> EventList a -> EventList a
    unionWith :: (a -> a -> a)
                  -> Group a -> Group a -> Group a

Additionally, we need

    concat    :: (a -> a -> a) -> Group a -> a

and a strange function

    cobind'   :: Functor f => Group (f a) -> Group (f (Group a))
    cobind' xs = [(name, fmap (\y -> (name,y)) x) | (name,x) <- xs]

that is reminiscent of a comonad.

With this machinery, we can write

    convert :: Group (EventList a) -> EventList (Group a)
    convert = concat (unionWith (unionWith snd)) . cobind'

No idea whether all this is overkill. After all,  convert  is but a
glorified transpose.



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