[Haskell-beginners] Named (custom) recursions vs clever comonadic recursions

apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Sun Sep 14 03:39:26 EDT 2008

Federico Brubacher wrote:
> What I don't get yet (as the subject says) is a real-world example on where
> you might apply category theory to a recursion.

In a sense, the core task of the paper "Functional Programming with Bananas,
Lenses, etc." is to write a general  fold  function that works for many data
types at once, not just for lists.

Here is  fold  for lists:

  data ListF a b = Empty | Cons a b

  foldList :: (ListF a b -> b) -> [a] -> b
  foldList f = foldr (\a b -> f (Cons a b)) (f Empty)

  sumList :: [Int] -> Int
  sumList = foldList f
     f Empty      = 0
     f (Cons x s) = x + s

and here is  fold  for binary trees

  data Tree a    = Leaf  a | Node (Tree a) (Tree a)
  data TreeF a b = Leaf' a | Node' b b

  foldTree :: (TreeF a b -> b) -> Tree a -> b
  foldTree f (Leaf  x  ) = f $ Leaf' x
  foldTree f (Node  u v) = f $ Node' (foldTree f u) (foldTree f v)

  sumTree :: Tree Int -> Int
  sumTree = foldTree f
      f (Leaf' x  ) = x
      f (Node' s t) = s + t

In other words, the  fold  captures the process of traversing the data structure
while the user-supplied function tells it how to calculate the result (without
performing recursion itself).

Both folds are one and the same function when viewed through the right glasses:

   data Fix f = In { out :: f (Fix f) }

   fold :: Functor f => (f b -> b) -> Fix f -> b
   fold f (In x) = f . fmap (fold f) x

   type Tree a = Fix (TreeF a)

   foldTree :: (TreeF a b -> b) -> Tree a -> b
   foldTree = fold

   instance Functor (TreeF a) where
      fmap f (Node' b c) = Node' (f b) (f c)
      fmap f x           = x

   type List a = Fix (ListF a)

   foldList :: (ListF a b -> b) -> List a -> b
   foldList = fold

   instance Functor (ListF a) where
      fmap f (Cons a b)  = Cons a (f b)
      fmap f x           = x


PS: The scary name for "fold" is "catamorhpism"

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