[Haskell-beginners] Possible to update Haskell syntax

cm cm at raytheon.com
Sat Nov 22 20:56:15 EST 2008

I'm very interested in learning Haskell, but one frustration is that lists 
always require commas.  As an example [1,2,3,4] is a valid expression, but 
[1 2 3 4] is not.

In this ideal world, another example would be that [(fun1 3 4) 7] would be a 
valid expression and be a two-element list equivalent to [fun1 3 4, 7].

If what I am suggesting is syntactically possible and doesn't break more 
advanced features of the language that I (as a beginner) am unaware of, I'm 
interested in patching the open source for my own use (as well as others who 
might want it). 

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