[Haskell-beginners] data type design question

Tillmann Rendel rendel at daimi.au.dk
Wed Jul 30 08:10:07 EDT 2008

Hi Markus,

Markus Barenhoff wrote:
> I have written a parsec parser for reading a marshallaled dataformat.
> The returned data structure is based on the following data type:
>> data T = TString String
>>        | TInt Integer
>>        | TList [TorrentT]
>>        | TDict [(TorrentT, TorrentT)]
> I think TString and TInt are clear. The elements of a TList always have
> the same "type" (same constructor). The TDict is a dictionary where the 
> key is always a TString but the value can be of any of the other "types",
> even in the same dictionary. F.e the key "foo" may map to a TInt while the
> key "bar" maps to another TDict.

Maybe something like

   data T = TString String
          | TInt Integer
          | TStringList [String]
          | TIntList [Integer]
          | TDict [(String, T)]

would work.


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