[Haskell-begin] Cabal-Install Update Problems

Jeff Wheeler jeff at nokrev.com
Sat Jul 26 23:33:25 EDT 2008


(Note: I also posted this a few days ago to libraries at haskell.org  
without much response, and thought I might have more success here.  
Please correct me if this is inappropriate.)

I'm trying to use cabal-install on two machines, Debian Sid and OS X  
10.5, but I am unable to run "update" on either. Most other commands  
seem to work fine, but the networking for "update" gives an error on  
both machines, completely independently:

   Downloading package list from server
   cabal: recv: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)

Running with the -v3 option does not provide much more information:

   Downloading package list from server
   GET http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/00-index.tar.gz  
   User-Agent: cabal-install/0.5.1
   Creating new connection to hackage.haskell.org
   cabal: recv: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)

Both machines are using a vanilla Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall  
FVS318v3, a very simple prosumer router. Obviously, the router works  
fine for everything else, and has been running flawlessly for ages.

This is using cabal-install from darcs and the cabal 1.4 branch.

Thanks a bunch for helping,

Jeff Wheeler
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