[Haskell-begin] Re: New List

Benjamin L.Russell DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com
Thu Jul 17 23:27:32 EDT 2008

In response to the posts in this thread, I have modified the prefix
for the subject line of list postings from a null string to

Personally, though, I prefer either a null string (my higher
preference) or the opposite extreme, "[Haskell-beginners]," in line
with the full naming of "[Haskell-cafe]."  If any of you share either
of these preferences, please voice your opinion on this forum, so that
I can change the prefix.

As an argument in favor changing the prefix to a null string, if you
filter for "beginners at haskell.org" on the To/CC header, you can filter
out all the messages for this mailing list without a prefix for the
subject line of list postings.

I.e., e.g., in Yahoo! Mail, first create a mail folder called
"Haskell-Beginner Mailing List."  Then, go to "Options" -> "Mail
Options" -> "Filters," and add the following filter:

Haskell-Beginners Mailing List


   To/CC contains "haskell-beginners at haskell.org"


   Move message to Haskell-Beginners Mailing List folder

This is how I filter out all my Haskell and Haskell-Cafe mailing list

This allows all applicable messages to be filtered without the need
for a prefix for the subject line of list postings.

Please post your opinion on this forum as to whether creating this
kind of mail filter would be acceptable.  If most people agree to this
proposal, I will change the prefix back to a null string.
Alternatively, if you feel that "[Haskell-beginners]," in line with
"[Haskell-cafe]," is not too long, I can change it to that prefix.

Just for reference, I did a search on mailing lists, and discovered
that the "plt-announce" mailing list has a prefix of "[PLT
announcement]," which is 16 characters long, only one character
shorter than "[Haskell-beginners]."

-- Benjamin L. Russell

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 20:51:05 +0100, Allan <a.d.clark at ed.ac.uk> wrote:

>I quite like that too, though I must admit I just filter on the 'sender' 
>Chad Wilson wrote:
>> Any chance the subject of this new list could have some []'ed text to 
>> help identify it more easily?
>> -w

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