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Chad, hi.

Regarding an actual book, I have come across an interesting one called "Real World Haskell", which is currently in the making, but should reach booksellers before the end of this year. The authors maintain a web site (, which is actually a blog about the book. They even give links for pre-ordering the book from Amazon and others.

If you also look at, you will see that draft versions of chapters are posted on the Internet for people to read them and make comments.

Until now, I have used the tutorial material on the site, but I would be interested in getting hold of a copy of this book when it is finally published.

-- Angelos

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> Have any of you fellow n00bs ordered a book on Haskell?  Or are you
> just using the web site?  I think I need to get me a book
> to keep as a reference.
> -- 
> Chad Wilson
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