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Generally I would write a function to deal with arguments such that they 
needn't necessarily come from the command-line.
So I write a function of type :: [ String ] -> IO ()

My general pattern is therefore

main :: IO ()
main = getArgs >>= processArgs

processArgs :: [ String ] -> IO ()
processArgs [ times, dice ] = {- logic for what you want here -}
processArgs _                      = error "You must provide exactly two 

attached is a sample script which I always start from when writing a 
simple program (it's actually in 'yi' as a template).


Chad Wilson wrote:
> I am a gamer.  Table top RPGs, war games, board games, etc.  Since my 
> laptop is pen-based, I has been handier to keep it at the table than 
> paper.  As a result, I have been experimenting with making dice 
> rollers to have yet another item not needed on the table.  Sure, it 
> takes away some of the tradition, but it makes for carrying fewer 
> things.  I have written various dice roll simulators in xblite, ruby 
> and some other dynamics, but this seems like an interesting exercise 
> to try in Haskell.
> My first goal is to figure out how to get the command-line arguments.  
> As I did with the other languages, my first program in this 
> development simply retrieved the arguments and printed them.  So, here 
> it is.
> import System.Environment
> main = do
>   args <- getArgs
>   print args
> Very simple and to the point.  Now I need to dig into the manual and 
> figure out the next simple progression...taking 2 arguments and doing 
> something to them akin to:
> roll 1 6
> This would roll 1, 6-sided die, or 1d6 in gamer terms and print the 
> result.
> I figure the best way to learn a new language is to apply it something 
> I might actually use it for.
> -- 
> Chad Wilson

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