[Haskell-beginners] HDBC commit problem

Moritz Tacke take at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Dec 9 08:58:14 EST 2008


I am running into problems while using HDBC with the sqlite3 backend.
The HDBC "commit" statement frequently results in exceptions with the
sqlite3 error code 1, "SQL logic error or no database". As far as I
know, and as far as the HDBC docs tell me, "commit" simply writes all
yet open transactions onto the disk. How can it fail? Given the
implicit opening of transactions as done by HDBC, a call to commit
should succeed in any situation (or am I wrong?).
documentation mentions the prepare- and execute-steps as the ones which
might throw exceptions - what are the problems a call to "commit"
might encounter? I do not suspect SQL errors to be the cause - those
should lead to earlier exceptions - and the database is definitly
present and opened, as select calls following the failing commit
statments succeed.

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