[arch-haskell] Contributing - Getting started questions

Fabien Dubosson fabien.dubosson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 20:23:21 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

I am starting with Arch-Haskell after one year of "cabal-install only"
philosophy, to clean up a bit my management of Haskell softwares (and why
not getting involved if I can be helpful). I have some questions and I
guess this is the right place to start.

So first of all about the general workflow to be sure to understand it
correctly. As far I have understand/guessed that:

1. Someone writes a cabalized haskell library/executable and puts in on
2. Using the "cblrepo" tools (cblrepo add ...), hackage
libraries/executables can be added to "habs".
3. PKGBUILD and archlinux packages can be builded from habs and then
installed on the system
3. Finally some packages are integrated to the "main" habs and Magnus (or
someone else?) signs the package and puts it into the [haskell-core]

Is that correct?

Then, to start I followed exactly the build steps on the habs README and I
get an error:

> $ git clone git://github.com/archhaskell/habs.git
> $ cd habs
> $ cblrepo sync

Everything is ok until here.

> $ cblrepo pkgbuild $(cblrepo build base|tail -n +2)
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.EJEnE3/PKGBUILD with
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.SFv6KO/PKGBUILD with

Here the command works, but two patch can not be applied (these packages
seem not to be the cause of he problem anyway).

And finally I get an error with this last command:

> $ ./makeahpkg -c -- $(cblrepo build base | tail -n +2)
> *** Building in /home/fabien/habs/haskell-diff
> ==> ERROR: No chroot dir defined, or invalid path ''

I played a bit with the makeahpkg script and removing the "-d" option of
makechrootpkg on line 71 seems to works a bit more.

> sudo setarch ${arch} makechrootpkg -u -l ${build_chrootdir} -r
${CHROOT_DIR} -- -i

The first package (haskell-openglraw- builds correctly, it asks
me to install it (on the chroot), but during the install this message

> OpenGLRaw- cannot find libHSOpenGLRaw- on library path
(use --force to override)

And the next package (haskell-gluraw) fail because the first one is not

> Configuring GLURaw-
> Setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
> OpenGLRaw >=

Can someone enlighten me on what am I doing wrong or give me some pointers?

Btw my software versions are:
- git
- zsh 5.0.2
- ghc 7.6.3
- cblrepo 0.9.2
- devtools 20131020-1

Best regards,
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