[arch-haskell] Instructions on navigating the current pkgs issues.

Michael Katelman katelman at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 07:40:08 UTC 2013


I am wondering if someone can point me to instructions that might
allow me to navigate the current issues with ghc-related pkgs?
Basically, when I type pacman -Syu, it doesn't work and it would be
great if instead what it did was act normal and update my installed
packages. I'd provide more detail on my particular error message etc.,
but I have a totally plain haskell-platform install plust stuff I've
installed through cabal and it seems like it's probably obvious to
those involved why that no longer works and causes pacman to freak

>From what little I've gathered reading some posts on this list and
elsewhere, there seems to be some disagreement over what goes where
and why. It sounds really important and I'm sure that, in its own way,
it's fascinating. However, with limited time on my hands, what would
be absolutely awesome is if some instructions showed up that told me
how to magically move back to a tenable arch installation without
becoming deeply entrenched in the "whys" for the changes.

Thanks in advance!

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