[arch-haskell] [arch-general] GHC 7.4.1 or HP 2011.4.0.0??

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:39:57 UTC 2013

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 07:13:22PM +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:
> By now I've gotten almost all packages from [extra] compiled.  So
> far I've skipped OpenGL/GLUT since these packages have been
> drastically re-arranged in the recent releases.  I'm wondering
> whether it's worth including them at all if HP is dropped.  (Are
> there usage statistics to consult somewhere?)

And now I've added the packages from [community].  The total list is

ghc74 alex 3.0.1-1
ghc74 ghc 7.4.1-2 [installed]
ghc74 gtk2hs-buildtools 0.12.1-1
ghc74 happy 1.18.9-1
ghc74 haskell-ansi-terminal 0.5.5-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-ansi-wl-pprint 0.6.4-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-bytestring-show
ghc74 haskell-cairo 0.12.2-1
ghc74 haskell-cereal [installed]
ghc74 haskell-cgi 3001.1.8.2-1
ghc74 haskell-cmdargs 0.9.2-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-crypto-api 0.9-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-darcs-beta
ghc74 haskell-data-default [installed]
ghc74 haskell-dataenc
ghc74 haskell-dbus 0.4-1
ghc74 haskell-entropy 0.2.1-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-fgl
ghc74 haskell-ghc-paths
ghc74 haskell-glib 0.12.2-1
ghc74 haskell-gtk 0.12.2-1
ghc74 haskell-hashed-storage 0.5.9-2
ghc74 haskell-haskeline
ghc74 haskell-haskell-src
ghc74 haskell-hslogger 1.1.5-1
ghc74 haskell-html
ghc74 haskell-http 4000.2.2-1
ghc74 haskell-hunit [installed]
ghc74 haskell-json 0.5-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-largeword 1.0.1-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-mmap 0.5.7-2
ghc74 haskell-monadcatchio-mtl
ghc74 haskell-mtl [installed]
ghc74 haskell-network
ghc74 haskell-pango 0.12.2-1
ghc74 haskell-parallel [installed]
ghc74 haskell-parsec 3.1.2-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-primitive 0.4.1-2
ghc74 haskell-puremd5 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-quickcheck 2.4.2-1
ghc74 haskell-random [installed]
ghc74 haskell-regex-base 0.93.2-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-regex-compat 0.95.1-2
ghc74 haskell-regex-posix 0.95.1-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-regex-tdfa 1.1.8-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-semigroups 0.8-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-split [installed]
ghc74 haskell-stm
ghc74 haskell-syb 0.3.6-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-tagged [installed]
ghc74 haskell-tar [installed]
ghc74 haskell-text [installed]
ghc74 haskell-transformers [installed]
ghc74 haskell-unixutils 1.47-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-utf8-string 0.3.7-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-vector 0.9.1-2
ghc74 haskell-x11 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-x11-xft 0.3.1-1
ghc74 haskell-xhtml 3000.2.0.5-1
ghc74 haskell-xmonad 0.10-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-xmonad-contrib 0.10-2 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-xmonad-extras 0.10.1-5 [installed]
ghc74 haskell-zlib [installed]


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