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2011/12/25 Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org>

> I don't think that [haskell] move to a version of GHC that is newer
> than what's in [extra].  This means that in order to avoid doing
> unnecessary work you need to ask Vesa what his GHC plans are.  In a
> thread from earlier in the autumn he did express some plans, but I
> suspect you are already aware of that thread.

I would like Vesa to take part to this discussion... In that thread he
planned to drop haskell-platform (and I fully agree) but talked about
moving those packages to [community]. IMHO the most useful thing to do is
putting *all* haskell packages in [haskell], this is the easiest way to
track dependencies with cblrepo.

> > Witch version should I use? For now we have 1 vote for 7.2.2
> > (Magnus) and 1 for 7.0.4 (Bernardo).
> I suspect the most worthwhile thing to do is an attempt to use 7.4rc1.

I used 7.2.2 from [testing]. I suspect that a lot of package will not
compile with 7.4...

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