[arch-haskell] ghc-7.0.3 & haskell-platform

Vesa Kaihlavirta vpkaihla at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 07:39:24 UTC 2013

Hello to all Haskellites,

There's finally an upgraded haskell-platform and corresponding
packages in extra/ -- reason for the delay was partly lack of
brainpower (I had some time, but didn't have the energy to work with
thought). When my summer vacation just started, I got enough quality
time with the problem and managed to untangle the mess in minutes,

What happened recently:

- reversed FS#17875, which was alone causing all the trouble :(
- ghc-7.0.3-2, haskell-platform-2011.2.0.0-4 went into testing repo
- started moving everything else away from extra to community
(-testing at first)
  * this is not many packages, I think it's just darcs, haddock and
their dependencies
- xmonad, xmonad-contrib and their deps built and uploaded to community-testing

ghc-7.0.4 just came out, which fixes some nasty bugs, but sadly, the
platform is not there yet.

Rémy was doing some work on automating the whole rebuild process
(which is currently about 20-30 separate build & install steps when
doing manually), but I don't know how that went.

--vk (vegai)

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