[arch-haskell] Transitive version bump/update of dependents?

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sat Oct 12 07:39:05 UTC 2013

Hi Leif,

 > Is there a tool for bumping the version numbers / checking for newer
 > versions of all the packages that transitively depend on those that
 > would need to be rebuilt?

my repository <https://github.com/peti/arch-haskell> contains the
program scripts/reverse-dependencies.hs, which can list all users of a
given package. I use it to determine which packages need their $pkgrel
bumped after an update.

 > Or do we even need to worry about that right now [...]?

Yes, I think we do. The package 'haskell-utility-ht' has already been
re-built with GHC 7.0.2, and it has been uploaded to the binary
repository. If that package is updated, its users need their $pkgrel

Take care,

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