[arch-haskell] On datafiles in libraries

Rémy Oudompheng remyoudompheng at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 07:37:58 UTC 2013

On 2011/1/10 Peter Simons <simons at cryp.to> wrote:
> Hi Rémy,
>  > I added [ArchPackage] because I thought it was a better type for the
>  > output of the conversion function (since the output is really a
>  > PKGBUILD + Maybe an install script), but I didn't use it yet. I'd
>  > prefer keeping it for the moment.
> you are right. I agree that this type is a good choice to represent the
> result of a cabal-to-pkgbuild conversion.
> At the same time, I am a little concerned about the seemingly increasing
> amount of dead code in the ArchLinux library. Note that the ArchPackage
> type has been added on 2010-10-15, and since then it's been sitting
> there unused. Furthermore, note that the export list for PkgBuild.hs
> doesn't mention that type. So, not only is it unused, it's actually
> impossible to use because the outside world can't access it.
> Clearly, the ArchPackage type is part of an ongoing effort to re-factor
> the cabal2pkg function. That is a good idea and I am totally in favor of
> it. I would like to suggest, however, that this kind of re-factoring is
> performed in a branch and merged into 'master' only after it's complete.
> Does that sound reasonable?

Yes, perfectly reasonable.


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