[arch-haskell] State of Affairs: Summarizing 83 days worth of experience

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sat Oct 12 07:37:55 UTC 2013

Hi Tasha,

 > I would actually characterize this problem as a lack of people with
 > access to [extra] who care about the Haskell packages or have the free
 > time/resources to get a turnaround on issues consistently to a few days
 > at most.

yes, you are right. I completely agree. It would be quite unreasonable to
expect Remy and Vesa to be able to deal with that workload, especially
considering the fact that we are all volunteers who have other, more
important obligations in life than building Haskell packages for ArchLinux.

 > Please don't take this as me trying to dismiss your concerns.

Yes, of course not. In the same spirit, I'd like to emphasize that I
didn't intend to come across as meaning to criticize anyone. It's true
that I am little disappointed about the way this project has turned out
for me, but that is not because of other people, it's because I had
unreasonable expectations. All things considered, I feel that our
efforts haven't been perfect, but still very successful. Your comments
seem to confirm that, so ... thanks! :-)

Take care,

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