[arch-haskell] State of Affairs: Summarizing 83 days worth of experience

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sat Oct 12 07:37:54 UTC 2013

Hi Tasha,

 > Most Haskell packages in [extra] really shouldn't be getting updated
 > in the sense of a version bump (from what I understand) until a new
 > version of the HP comes out or there's an official policy change.

this is true for HP packages, of course. However, [extra] and [community]
contain plenty of other code that is not specified by Haskell Platform.
Examples would be haskell-text or haskell-hashed-storage. I see no reason
why those packages shouldn't be updated in principle. As far as I am
concerned, I'd be fine with updating packages that *are* specified by HP,
too, if there is a strong technical incentive.

Anyway, this issue is beside the point I was trying to make. I am concerned
about the lack of communication regarding the maintenance of [extra] and
[community]. Whatever is going on in these repositories, the members of this
list are not involved in the process even though we are directly affected by
changes that occur in these places. This is not an ideal situation, and it
already *did* cause a significant amount of trouble in the past.

Take care,

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