[arch-haskell] Re: [extra] haskell-parallel

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 07:37:38 UTC 2013

On 11/11/2010 04:20 PM, Peter Simons wrote:
>   >  http://linode3.kiwilight.com/~magnus.therning/archhaskell/x86_64/
> I completely agree that the naming scheme is sound. I don't see, however,
> how other packages are going to use it. Could you show us a concrete
> example, please? What does a package like, say haskell-pandoc, depend on?

Well, I may be wrong (I'm not a pacman expert), but the haskell-hp-... 
packages contain "provides fields" for the corresponding versions of 
haskell-... packages.

So it depends whether your version of pandoc package is expected to be 
used with the last haskell platform version, in which case it should 
require haskell-hp-... as a dependency, or whether it is supposed to be 
used with the latest versions of all of its dependencies, in which case 
it would require haskell-... package (with specified usable version range).

If your last haskell platform has recent enough versions of libs then 
your haskel-pandoc package which depends only on haskell-... packages 
(if you wanted it to be bleeding edge) will compile and install just 
fine thanks to the provide fields in the haskel-hp... packages.

My opinion is that everything bleeding edge (aur source code (self 
compile) versions) should depend only on haskell-... packages and not on 
haskel-hp-... packages. The only thing which can depend on 
haskell-hp-... packages are haskell platform packages themselves or 
something you want to provide in binary form and don't want to update it 
every time some dependency is updated.

Since the latest versions are updated often and not everything compiles 
with them, it does not look useful to try to keep binary versions up to 
date for things which do not depend on haskell platform only. Of course 
it is possible to create a system which can answer a question like:
"I want the latest possible version of pandoc, gtk2hs-gtk and 
gtk2hs-glade. Find the latest versions of these packages and the latest 
versions of all the packages these depend on recursively so that it all 
compiles fine."

With a bit of luck one can answer this from the cabal files (provided 
their version dependency info is correct). Whether it would actually 
compile is another problem. And whether the result would work is 
something completely different.

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