[arch-haskell] Road to binary repository

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:37:19 UTC 2013

On 23/10/10 18:30, Peter Simons wrote:
> Hi Rémy,
>> It is necessary to increment $pkgrel in order to get pacman to know an
>> update is available (if the goal is a binary repo).
> Would it be possible to move development from your archhaskell-build
> repository into one that's accessible to all members of the organization?  I
> have a few minor patches to make the scripts work on my i686-only machine.

For the moment you can always create a fork to share your patches with Remy
directly.  There's no need to wait for an official repo.

This would take the place of the current habs repo.  I think it's best to
create a new repo for it though, any suggestion for the name?  Otherwise
likely to be archhaskell/habs2 :-)

Just let me know when you think there is a repo that is in good enough state
to make it official.

> The way I see it now, our "job" is maintain the PKGLIST file. That file
> provides a mapping from Cabal to ArchLinux. For every package, we know
>  - Cabal package name,
>  - Cabal package version,
>  - ArchHaskell package name, and

I thought this was dealt with automatically by cabal2arch.  Is that
functionality not good enough to keep on using?

>  - ArchHaskell package release number.
> Using that file, an automated process can build the entire repository to
> guarantee consistency and to provide binary packages. Very nice!

Excellent job on this.  Now I just need to take a closer look at it.  :-)


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