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Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Oct 12 07:37:05 UTC 2013

On 17/10/10 15:11, Rémy Oudompheng wrote:
> On 2010/10/15 Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org> wrote:
>> Taking it one step further:
>> • Replace archhaskell/habs with a single version-controlled file
>> containing tuples of <package name, package version>.
>> • Make use of bauerbill's already existing support for hackage.  (I
>> don't know anything about the internals of bauerbill, but it might
>> need some extending to closer match what cabal2arch does.)
> I pushed several additions to the archlinux library, and wrote a small
> script that sketches this part of the procedure. First some comments :
> * raw Cabal files from 00-index.tar.gz cannot be converted right away
> to PKGBUILDs, thay must first go through a configuration procedure,
> which is implemented in Cabal2Arch: I copied the relevant code to the
> function Distribution.Archlinux.CabalTranslation.preprocessCabal

Ah, yes, that's the finalisation process, basically nailing down some
stuff in
order to make the cabal stuff concrete.

A short description can be found at [1].

> * I added a module Distribution.ArchLinux.HackageTranslation which
> gives two main functions:
>  - getCabalsFromTarball turns a tarball (ByteString) to a list on
> GenericPackageDescription
>  - getSpecifiedCabalsFromTarball takes a [String] as additional
> argument to extract only several items
>    The [String] argument is a set of lines like in the attached PKGLIST file.

Cool.  Are you also going to make cabal2arch use those new functions?

> GenericPackageDescription variables can be fed to preprocessCabal and
> cabal2pkg to produce PKGBUILD
> See the attached script for an example.

I have to say I love the steady improvements on our tools.  I would really
like to make a new release soon though, especially due to the recent
of 'packages()' in the generated code.

Remi, Peti, are there any outstanding stuff you would like to get in
before we
bump the version number and push a new release to Hackage?


[1] http://therning.org/magnus/archives/514
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