[arch-haskell] updating AUR pkgs which belong to arch-haskell

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Oct 12 07:36:26 UTC 2013

> Hello!
> Today I wanted to update haskell-yesod package on AUR, but quite a few
> packages are out-of date.
> Can we form some team of Haskell Archlinux users and give them
> password to update AUR packages which belong to 'arch-haskell' uid?
> With the present situation one is forced to either create new packages
> under one's own uid (splitting the haskell community on Arch
> unnecessary) and/or bump out-of-date packages in one's own local repo.
> The latter method, however, does not help updating AUR packages which
> cannot depend on non-existing AUR versions.

Install locally with cabal2arch until the backlog is fixed. Once I've
packaged up the set of scripts used to keep all the data up to date, we
can open up the account to multiple users.

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