[arch-haskell] Hackage support in bauerbill & follow-up on cabal2arch

Wei Hu weihu at cs.virginia.edu
Sat Oct 12 07:36:10 UTC 2013

I see, I just need to add your repo to /etc/pacman.conf and do a "pacman -Syu".

Currently, bauerbill doesn't honor HackageCache or PacpanCache set in
bauerbill.conf. They are initialized too early in Bauerbill.pm. I made
a patch in the attachment. Of course I know nothing about Perl and it
could well be an ugly hack.

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 7:09 PM, Xyne <xyne at archlinux.ca> wrote:
> What you can find on my site is effectively the development repo. I
> still haven't got around to using version control.
> Yeah, I know that's bad. In my defence, the site stores all source
> releases less than 6 months old and always keeps the latest 3 versions.
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