[arch-haskell] cabal2arch and clutter

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Oct 12 07:35:44 UTC 2013


Would it be possible to add an option to cabal2arch to prevent it from
creating files outside of the directory which contains the PKGBUILD and
install file (i.e. "link", "title", "desc", the source tarball and  the
cabal file)? Tangentially, is all of the necessary metainformation
contained in the cabal file, or does cabal2arch require further
information contained in the source tarball? I found it strange that it
downloaded the latter. Presuming that the cabal file contains all the
necessary information, I would really prefer it if cabal2arch could
simply read the file remotely without saving it and then generate the
directory with the PKGBUILD and install file, and nothing else.

I ask this because I'm considering adding cabal support to bauerbill,
which is a full yaourt replacement with additional features such as
integrated support for building repo packages froms source. I am hoping
to use cabal2arch to do this but I do now want to deal with the clutter
that it creates as all I require are the PKGBUILD and install file. I
do not want to implement my own "cabal2arch" though because it seems
silly to duplicate the effort and then have to monitor changes in
cabal2arch for compatibility.

Also, as issues with yaourt have been previously mentioned, along with a
mention of paktahn as an alternative, I invite you all to try bauerbill,
which you can find here:


All feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Additionally, please consider changing the cabal2arch help message as
it does not describe what cabal2arch actually does:

cabal2pkg: [-h|--help] [directory|url]
Generate PKGBUILD to stdout for .cabal file in <directory> or at <url>

Finally, the dependencies array does not specify minimum versions
as specified in the cabal file, e.g. "Cabal-Version >= 1.2" does not
translate to "haskell-cabal>=1.2". I realize that this example is
trivial as haskell-cabal is already at a later version, but should this
not be remedied to prevent possible issues in the future?

I'm sorry that I haven't supplied any patches, but I'm still only just
beginning to learn haskell and I doubt that any patches that I submit
at this point would save more effort than their review would require.


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